First International
Workshop on
Reaction Systems

June 11-15, 2018
Milan, Italy


Since their introduction about 10 years ago, reaction systems matured into an active and fruitful research area. Although the original motivation was the understanding of interactions of biochemical reactions in the living cell, reaction systems became a popular novel model of interactive computation.

Thus, the time is ripe now for a workshop where researchers pursuing various lines of investigation can meet, exchange research ideas, and, hopefully, initiate new or strengthen already existing collaborative research efforts.

Each day of the workshop is divided into two parts: the first part consists of research presentations, lectures, tutorials, and then, for a big part of the afternoon, time and facilities will be provided for group discussions that hopefully will result in collaborative research.

Also, in order to make the workshop accessible to researchers who are not (sufficiently) familiar with reaction systems, basic tutorials will be given at the beginning of the workshop.